Will I Lose Sensitivity in My Nipples After Breast Augmentation?

It’s easy to imagine how your breasts will look breast augmentation, but many women wonder how their breasts will feel. Will you lose sensitivity in my nipples after surgery? Will you be able to feel the implant inside of your breast? We’re here to answer any questions you have concerning your breast augmentation. Get in touch!

Will I Lose Sensitivity in My Nipples After Breast Augmentation?

Changes in nipple sensation are very common after breast augmentation, but the good news is, they typically resolve. Feeling less sensation or more sensation than normal are common. Most women will return to normal nipple sensation within a few months of surgery. Very rarely, nipple sensation will not return. This doesn’t happen often and is more common with larger implants, breast reductions, or breast lifts. Some incision types are more prone to sensation loss than others. We can help you gauge your odds of sensation loss during your consultation.

Will I Be Able to Feel My Breast Implants Inside of My Breast?

What will your breasts feel like after breast augmentation? Many factors impact your breast augmentation results. We can give you a better idea of what to expect during your consultation. Here are a few factors that can affect how your breasts will feel after surgery.

Many women find that their breast implants look and feel very natural once they’ve recovered from surgery. We are well known for our stunning results and high levels of patient satisfaction after breast surgery.

Are you worried about the feel of your breasts after breast augmentation? Schedule your consultation for personalized advice about your surgery. Call today!


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