We are honored that you have chosen H/K/B Wellness and Age Management as your preventive medicine and anti-aging providers. At H/K/B Wellness and Age Management, we have developed a program to help cultivate a lifestyle of health and vitality as you age. Employing a combination of custom exercise programs, dietary modifications, hormone and sleep optimization, health supplements, and stress management, Dr. Sarah Edwards and her staff will help you jumpstart your journey to optimal health.

Aging is a natural process often accompanied by reduced flexibility, decreased bone density, increased body fat and decreased lean muscle mass. Often, the workouts that once produced results are no longer effective. As we age we have less energy and lose the sense of wellbeing that is personified in youth.

Our medical community is more reactionary than preventive. We currently treat the disease once it has affected our bodies, which leads to a poor quality of life. The goal of modern medicine has been to prolong life as long as possible. Today longevity is attainable, but chronic illness and ailments dilute the quality of life.

Your program begins with the initial consultation with Dr. Edwards to discuss your personal history, symptoms and your health goals. Together you will review our program options and determine which is most appropriate for your goals.

Following the consultation you will have a physical exam and fitness assessment. This appointment includes comprehensive bloodwork, resting metabolic evaluation, push up/sit up/grip strength tests, VO2 Max testing and a DEXA scan. This scan is considered to be the gold standard in analysis of body fat composition and measurement of bone health.  Please note you will need to fast for this appointment.

Dr. Edwards will then customize a dietary and exercise program based on your results. Recommendations and education regarding supplements and hormones replacement will be provided if indicated.

H/K/B Wellness and Age Management is excited to partner with YOU in taking control of your fitness and wellbeing.

Program Fees:

Fitness + Exercise

The first step in our program is a focused physical exam and fitness assessment. This assessment is perhaps the best piece of information you can get on your current state of health. The results will serve as your baseline for making improvement and setting goals.

Each component of the complete body work-up offers a unique perspective that contributes to a whole body analysis. From these results, Dr. Edwards develops a unique program to help cultivate a lifestyle of health and vitality as you age.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing is used to determine your unique caloric zones for weight loss, lean muscle gain, sports performance enhancement, or general health & wellness goals. These results help to develop your personalized nutrition program and exercise guidelines. An RMR Test is simple & non-invasive. The process consists of breathing into a mouthpiece for 12 minutes while your oxygen consumption is measured.

What to Expect During the RMR Test:

VO2 Max Tests

VO2 max is the measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximum exercise. It is frequently measured as milliliters of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight. The name is derived from the V for volume, O2 for oxygen, and max for maximum.

VO2 Max reflects the cardiorespiratory fitness of an individual. VO2 Max is widely used as an indicator of health. The American Heart Association in 2016 published a scientific statement recommending that VO2 max regularly be assessed and used as a clinical vital signs. This statement is based on evidence that shows lower fitness levels are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, all cause mortality, and mortality from various cancers. The American Heart Association recommends measuring your VO2 max and using this information for exercise prescriptions.

VO2 Max Fee: $150.00

What to Expect During the VO2 Test:


A DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) scan is used for a number of applications. It is the most accurate measure of body fat percentage available. In addition to total body fat, the scan provides a diagnostic measurement of lean muscle mass, visceral fat and bone density. This is the only method of measurement available that provides values for individual regions, including arms, legs, and trunk.

DEXA Fee: $295.00

What to Expect During the DEXA Scan:

DEXA+VO2+RMR Fee: $495.00

Lab Work

This appointment includes comprehensive bloodwork, painting a more complete picture of your current state of health and fitness than what is typically seen with your routine physical. Dr. Edwards will look for early indicators of disease and set you and your body on a course for improved health and greater quality of life.

Sleep + Stress

Sleep and stress affects everyone physically as well as emotionally.  The American Institute of Stress reports that 90% of all health problems can be related directly to stress. Healthy sleep habits and stress management are fundamental to successful weight loss, quick muscle recovery, increased longevity and overall improved quality of life. By evaluating your sleep habits and pinpointing daily stressors, we will work towards better, more restorative health.


Vitamins, minerals and supplements are the building blocks of your body. Even a healthy diet can be infiltrated by vitamin deficiencies. By providing our body with the right supplements, we begin to create a stronger foundation for all other functions, such as mental health, bone health, circulatory health, immune health, and digestive health. Our program uses the highest grade supplements to help fight symptoms of aging, and support hormone balance.

Supplement Prices:

Hormone Optimization

Hormones play an essential role in all body functions. As we age, our hormone levels begin to decline which can negatively impact our overall physical and emotional health. Hormone imbalances can be attenuated, even reversed, to improve decreased libido, declining muscle mass and lack of motivation. By closely monitoring hormone levels and physical symptoms, our program works to preserve your vitality.

*Health Analysis appointments are 3 hours. A 24 hour cancellation policy is required for this appointment. Failure to cancel within 24 hours will result in a $250 charge. 


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