TissuGlu: Our Tool for an Easier Tummy Tuck Recovery

What worries you most about tummy tuck recovery? For many of our patients, drains are a worry and concern as they prepare for the recovery process. Monitoring, emptying, and dealing with the discomfort of a surgical drain can be inconvenient, especially while you’re recovering from major surgery. Don’t let a fear of drains keep you from a tight, flat tummy. Our drainless tummy tuck using TissuGlu provides all the results of abdominoplasty without the hassle of drains. Learn more about our drain-free tummy tuck options. No more drains!

Tummy Tuck Drains- The Good, the Bad, and the Yucky

During a tummy tuck a long incision is made low on the abdomen from hip to hip. The skin and fat plane is lifted and separated from the abdominal muscle. The muscles are tightened, excess skin and fat are removed, and the incision is closed. Until healing is complete, there is a separation between the overlaying skin and fat layer and the muscle layer. As the body heals it produces fluid, a normal healing response. Unfortunately, this fluid can accumulate between the tissue planes, complicating the healing process.

In a traditional tummy tuck, drains are used to help this fluid leave the body. These drains require extra care and maintenance and can be uncomfortable. Drains require regular emptying, a task that many patients dislike. They can be messy and embarrassing. Drains must also be worn for an extended period of time after surgery.

Avoid Drains with a Drainless Tummy Tuck

At H/K/B we offer a drainless tummy tuck using TissuGlu, a special type of surgical adhesive that closes the space where fluid accumulates by attaching the muscle to the layer of fat and skin. No space between the tissue planes means no drain and no hassle.  Your body will resorb fluid naturally during healing.

A drainless tummy tuck has many benefits including:

What Is TissuGlu?

TissuGlu is an FDA-approved surgical adhesive for internal use. It is lysine based and will break down into harmless components within the body after it is no longer needed. We use a special applicator to apply the TissuGlu into a grid pattern. Once applied, it creates a strong bond that will hold the tissue layers together, reducing the space where fluid can accumulate. It is a very strong adhesive and can stand up to regular movement including bending and twisting.

Our patients are seeing stunning tummy tuck results with less hassle using TissuGlu. Clinical studies show no increased safety risks using TissuGlu. Patients using TissuGlu also experience better quality of life during recovery when compared with patients using drains, including the potential to return to work earlier. One study found that TissuGlu patients returned to work about three full days sooner than traditional tummy tuck patients.

TissuGlu FAQs

TissuGlu is an exciting addition to our toolkit for tummy tuck patients. It isn’t the right fit for every patient, but if you are a good candidate, it can make the tummy tuck recovery experience more pleasant. If you have questions or want to learn more, call our offices and schedule a consultation. We’re sharing answers to some top questions below.

Enjoy the benefits of a tummy tuck without the hassle of a drain. Learn more about our drain-free tummy tuck using TissuGlu.



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