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I heard about Dr. Hunstad from a plastic surgeon in Virginia Beach. This surgeon is a retired plastic surgeon and when asked about who he would trust with his family members, he immediately said Dr. Hunstad. In the summer of 2015, my husband and I met with Dr. Hunstad in Charlotte for a consult for an abdominoplasty and breast lift. We were very impressed with the office from the beginning. From the receptionist to the consult, to the treatment planning coordinator, everyone treated us with respect and kindness. Dr. Hunstad was very thorough with his explanations of the procedures as well as patient with answering all my questions. I felt very comfortable with him. He loves what he does and it shows.  It took a while before I could schedule my appointment for surgery. In the mean time, I emailed one of the nurses constantly with about a million questions over a span of  a month or two. I was probably the most annoying patient on the planet but she was very patient with me. She answered all my questions promptly. If she didn’t know an answer, she would ask the doctor and get back to me quickly. This kind of support preoperatively is very important to someone about to spend a lot of money and undergo such procedures. The day of surgery finally arrived and it was go time. Everything went well. After surgery, I stayed the night. The night nurses were wonderful. They were kind and gentle and most of all reassuring. I saw Dr. Hunstad in the morning and he was so happy with everything. I ended up staying in Charlotte for 10 days. I continued to ask questions and everyone was still very nice. My results have been wonderful. I could not be more pleased. It was a tough process but so worth it. Dr. Hunstad takes such pride in his work. He is a perfectionist. He runs a tight ship. Everyone at the practice works hard, loves what they do, and believes in their doctors. I have never been to a medical office that has such outstanding customer service both pre-and post- operatively. I am forever grateful to the Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Cosmetic Surgery for helping me get rid of my issues. 

How do you know when you’ve found the right plastic surgeon? When you can’t imagine taking the journey with anyone else and more importantly, you wouldn’t want too. For me, that surgeon is Dr. Kortesis. (Read the rest of this transformation journey here)

Heather is just awesome with injections! She is so great with your patients! She can achieve the perfect look!

Breast augmentation is something I have wanted to do for myself for several years. After doing a consultation several years ago with a different surgeon I left his office not feeling 100% ready to do the procedure. Now 6 years later I was ready to pull the trigger and go through with the procedure. I have several friends who have had breast augmentation done and they all recommended surgeons outside of the tri-cities to do this procedure. I found Dr. Bharti through my husband who had many people recommended him to us. From my first visit with Dr. Bharti I was truly blown away by his attentiveness during my consultation with him. He explained in great detail to any questions and concerns that I had about the procedure. He and his staff were wonderful and very caring through the whole process of my procedure. Before my procedure I was a 34b. I explained to him what I wanted my outcome to be like, and he did not disappoint at all. I was unsure of what size I wanted, I didn’t want too much of an augmented look, but I knew I wanted more than what I had. I wanted to feel confident and sexy. I went with 375cc silicone and I am more than happy with my outcome! I am only 1 week post op from my procedure and I am already thrilled with my results. Dr. Bharti is truly gifted in the line of work that he does. I can not put into words how happy and blessed I am to have found him. He is the best. I highly recommend him!! He went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you Dr. Bharti for building my confidence and being such a great surgeon!

I knew Dr. Hunstad from my previous Breast Augmentation ten years ago. I decided to go back for liposuction. The surgery team seemed to have gotten even better. My nurse and board certified anesthesiologist were amazing and so was the nurses who took care of me that night. I would recommend the care that I received.

Dr. Kortesis is an excellent doctor and has outstanding bedside manners. He makes you feel so comfortable and he is easy to talk to about what’s going on with yourself. I would recommend him to all my friends.

Dr Kortesis is awesome, I showed him a picture of what I wanted my outcome to look like and he gave me exactly that! Could not be happier!!!

Anytime I visit the Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Cosmetic Surgery, I am treated respectfully by the most efficient and friendly staff. The doctors and staff go out of their way to address all my concerns and needs…. love getting to visit with this group always!!

First if you are ANYWHERE near the State of TN this is the Dr for you. I had meet with a total of 4 different Drs before meeting with Dr Bharti. I knew within the first five minutes of my very first appointment he was the Dr for me. From the moment he walks in the door he listens to you, makes you feel comfortable and in no way do you feel rushed. He allows you to ask as many questions as you want and explains things in a way that you will understand and feel safe. Unlike many other Drs I had seen I was made to feel like I came to see them for one issue but that quickly picked out 10 others that needed work, almost like a dirty car salesman. Dr Bharti asked me what I wanted, what would make me happy and then gave me his medical expertise. The worst part I think for anyone is the fact you are there to visit a Plastic Surgeon knowing you are going to have to talk about and show a part of you that you are not happy with. The amazing thing about Dr Bharti and his wonderful staff you are able to do this in a comfortable way, so much so you leave his office with hope and happiness about what you know your future surgery holds. I had Breast plant removal, then Replacement and augmentation along with a Tummy tuck. No matter how much weight I would have ever lost the skin from having so many pregnancies with two of them resulting in twin pregnancies back to back I thought hiding my stomach and sagging skin was just something I would have to live with forever. Dr Bharti gave me my confidence back, he used his talent in a way that was life changing. I have never had a Dr to write a personal hand written note thinking me! Who takes the time in this day and age to do that….well he did. He cares so much about you as a patient and about taking care of you during and far after your procedure. If you want a talented, kind and in my opinion the Best DR that you would ever be so lucky to call your own he is the BEST. …… Sincerely,one “HOT” Happy” Momma.

Dr. Kortesis is the best. He always answers all my questions and always has such a positive attitude.

I am 71 and 1/2 years old, so I’ve been around awhile. Naturally, to reach this age and to be in very good health, I’ve seen my share of doctors. I have NEVER been treated so VERY SPECIAL. EVERYONE from the very top to the bottom of the ladder treated me the same. Everyone has a smile, pleasant, caring. I was called several time by staff and doctors to address any concerns I may have. WOW, JUST AWESOME. I just have one question for Dr K: Where do you send your staff for this type of awesome training? Thanks to all for making me feel so Special and for all the loving care you give.

Two years ago was was searching for a a plastic surgeon to perform brachioplasty. I had consultations with four different surgeons within a 100 mile radius. After consulting with Dr. Hunstad, I knew my search was over. The result of the surgery was even better than my expectations. I have since had more procedures including fillers and medspa services. Let me just say, the H/K/B center has the most caring surgeons and staff I have found and the knowledge and expertise is truly 5 stars.

After nursing my 3 children, I was shocked and so upset over how small and lifeless my breasts were. I am very modest and was so concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find a compassionate and qualified doctor to take the time to truly listen to what my desire was for my body to look like. I also did not want to travel outside of the area to have this surgery done and therefore, I was so relieved after I made my consultation with Dr. Bharti and saw firsthand his attention to detail and his understanding of the size I desired to be. I knew I was going to be in great hands with him and his professional staff.

After the surgery, I cried tears of joy bc I got my confidence and femininity back that I had lost for so long!….and there isn’t a price tag you can put on that feeling. It is so nice to be seen by a doctor who truly loves his profession and has such a heart for giving his patients exactly what they want. This Momma is soooo happy to have had such a wonderful experience with something that I didn’t think was fixable.

Simply stated, I have never experienced such genuine care and hospitality at any other medical facility. Each and every person, from the medical staff, to the MedSpa, including all office personnel, treated me with such a desire to insure I was fully taken care of. Dr. Kortesis is truly dedicated to his patient’s success and full satisfaction. Such dedication, with his unparalleled experience, places Dr. Kortesis at the top of his field. Every visit to the H/K/B facility I received the same genuine care and hospitality from all. At the end of each visit, it was like leaving family!

I have been a patient of Dr. Hunstad since 2007 and was pleased with that procedure. He is the only surgeon I would consult for additional surgical procedures. My interaction with Dr. Hunstad and the staff was great and I left the clinic well informed and confident. The new facility is beautiful as well.

My wait time was minimal and the staff and Dr. Kortesis was just as wonderful as ever. I love the welcome I always receive from everyone. I love that my doctor manages to see me even when I have been scheduled with the nurse. I appreciate that so much and feel truly cared for as a patient and a part of the Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Cosmetic Surgery.

Everyone was very courteous and professional. I feel strongly that I am getting excellent care.

Dr. Kortesis gave me a Mommy Makeover. My results were better than I ever imagined they would be. From my first consultation, he made me feel comfortable. He addressed any concern or question I had.He and his staff are the awesome!

My experience with Dr. Bharti and his staff was exceptional. Dr. Bharti is an incredible doctor. He is very professional and knowledgeable and really went over and beyond to make certain I was satisfied with my results. The entire process, from my first consultation, to surgery, and on thru recovery was very smooth and easy.

Dr. Hunstad was very personable and professional. He took the the necessary time to explain the procedures and even popped his head in the room to tell me he was running a little behind. Everyone I encountered was polite and friendly.

I absolutely LOVE everyone at H/K/B! I actually feel like they are truly my friends, and I don’t use that term lightly. The level of care they provide is outstanding. I am one day post op from part two of my Mommy Makeover and now I feel as beautiful on the outside as I’ve always felt on the inside. Dr. Hunstad has exceeded my expectations TWICE! I seriously have never looked or felt better in my life. If you are looking to make a change, look at H/K/B first. You will not be sorry. I would recommend them to everyone. I went to three different centers before I found Dr. Hunstad and I’m so glad I did! He is not only a superior surgeon, but an artist who strives for perfection and achieves it!

I am beyond happy with my juvederm filler. We filled my laugh lines and I’m officially hooked on this product. Very subtle and natural, but what a difference! Dr. Bharti really took his time and did a wonderful job. He is very good at what he does and I will definitely be going back soon. I would absolutely recommend this product and Dr. Bharti!

The whole staff made me feel comfortable throughout the process. My consult was great with Dr. Kortesis. I was able to ask any questions I had. I liked having a folder that provided instructions on what to do the day before the surgery and the day of it also. That was very helpful. It was great to meet everybody that would be in surgery with me that day. Everybody was courteous, and made me feel comfortable. That meant a lot. I live out of town, so the staff was able to work with me. They would call and get the information they needed from me over the phone. Dr. Kortesis even called me the day after my surgery to check up on me. I appreciated that a lot. Thank you for all you do for patients.

I love everyone at the spa there, of course my doctor, Dr. Hunstad, in my mind is the most gifted plastic surgeon on the face of the planet. I love all the girls at the front desk, everyone. My experience always rocks. I will never go anywhere else.

The staff are always professional and courteous. Dr Kortesis is very patient and answers all my questions and concerns.

Great experience with my eyelid surgery. Dr. Hunstad is a great guy and a great surgeon. His staff is awesome too. Everyone treated me the best.

The entire staff was so professional. I felt comfortable and at ease right from the beginning. Everything was explained to me clearly and all of my questions were answered. I did feel like I was dealing with the best of the best.

To Whom it May Concern:

After losing nearly one hundred pounds via gastric bypass surgery in 2009, I loved the way I felt, but hated what the years of being overweight and pregnancy had done to my body. I am a 37-year old female with two children. I wanted to look on the outside the way I felt on the inside. With unsightly extra sagging skin, stretch marks, and barely any definition left to my waistline, I started consulting plastic surgeons. Finally, after months of searching and unsuccessful consultations, I found Dr. Bharti. Dr. Bharti was very understanding and sympathetic to how I felt. He reassured me by acting together as a team we could redefine and work toward my personal definition of the beautiful me.

Dr. Bharti’s suggestion was a circumferential body lift. This would give new definition to my waist, and remove all the unwanted skin, all with the added bonus of a lifted and more youthful backside. After surgery, the difference in appearance was immediate! My stomach appears more firm, all the stretch marks have been removed, and I have my beautiful hourglass shape back once more. My buttocks is lifted, giving the definition back for a more rounded, youthful bottom line, and I am no longer plagued with the love handles that kept me from enjoying the newest fashions.

I am so happy I chose to follow the guidance of Dr. Bharti and his team. He has given me back the confidence and body of my youth, and I will forever be grateful. Thank you, Dr. Bharti, for holding my hand through this uncertain process, and allowing me to once more look as beautiful as I feel.


The staff and facility are top notch! The staff is wonderful and fully knowledgeable on every detail of procedures being performed. I would highly recommend H/K/B to anyone looking for the best place to have cosmetic surgery done.

I scheduled my appointment with Meena for Dysport. She was fantastic! She explained everything in detail and I felt I was in good hands. I’m very pleased with the results. I will definitely be back for all my facial needs. Also, everyone who I had spoken with from scheduling to the MedSpa was friendly and helpful.

Dr. Hunstad’s office environment is delightful and the staff is very accommodating and proactive. I appreciate the outstanding care and attention to detail.

I have been extremely pleased with the level of care that I have received thus far at the Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Cosmetic Surgery. Everyone has been kind, caring, and professional. Looking forward to a long partnership with this practice!

My appointment was with Meena, she was awesome as usual. I drive over an hour to see her. Will be so pleased when the new office is open in South Park. Everyone at the front desk is friendly and professional.

I was anxious before the appointment, but I felt better as soon as I walked into the office. The staff is caring and attentive. The office decor is beautiful and calming. I did have to wait longer than I expected, but that is no differentthan other doctor’s offices. I felt I received thoughtful attention from the doc when he saw me. I didn’t feel forced into any procedures nor were other “problems” in my appearance pointed out (like I don’t know already). I would highly recommend. Worth the 3 hour drive it took me to get there.

This is the ONLY place I go to!! The doctors, nurses and entire staff at H/K/B are FANTASTIC!!! I am just disappointed that I missed their Annual Beauty Bash Event – if you haven’t been yet – make sure you go next year!!

When you are experiencing pain, better living through pharmaceuticals does not always apply. Pain meds are best left to those truly suffering excruciating pain. Although my pain is not unbearable, it still exists on a daily basis. Hence my seeking your services. But through an extensive and HONEST consult with Dr. Augenstein, he gently advised me that I am too skinny for the procedure I was seeking and you folks could not benefit me. He did not come right out and say, ‘Live with it’. Rather he provided me a comprehensive evaluation of my circumstances and provided me with information I need to go forth in life. He did not rule out the possibility that something in the future could benefit me and indeed advised he would be the first to contact me in that event. Fortunately for me, I found an ethical group of individuals to provide my health care needs. Thank You!

I absolutely love Dr. Kortesis and his staff! I could not have chosen a better Dr!  I was comfortable through the whole experience! They walk you though the whole process step by step and answer any and all questions you can think of. I was personally unsure of what size implant to get but with the help of Dr. Kortesis and his assistant, I was able to choose the perfect size and I am in love with the new me 🙂 .. I would 110% tell anyone and everyone to go see Dr. Kortesis! I know if I so choose the have anything else done he will be seeing me again! Thank You Dr. Kortesis and all of your staff for such an amazing experience!!!

Dr Kortesis is the best plastic surgeon around. His work is exceptional, his bedside manner is unbelievable and his staff is caring and prompt. Very impressed with this office and their level of excellence.

I would not elect to have anyone else perform plastic surgery on my body. Dr Kortesis is an artist and sees the vision and listens to the patients. He cares and goes above and beyond to make sure the experience is a great one! He is the best and I am already planning my next procedure with him! I cant wait!

Dr. Bill Kortesis at the Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Cosmetic Surgery is wonderful! professionalism and expertise combined his friendly and personable bedside manner make him an exquisite physician. The office staff is very friendly and warm. Going to the Hunstad Center is a comforting and welcoming experience. I searched high and low throughout the Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC area for plastic surgeons. There is no other surgeon I would have had my surgery with than Dr. Kortesis.

I could not have asked for a better physician. I am also an RN who was able to see Dr. Bharti in the OR and was able to observe not only his patient interaction but his technique. Whenever someone has surgery they should always be concerned about the facility the procedure is to be done at and also the technique and how the physician maintains sterility during the procedure. I can honestly saw I would not let anyone else touch me if I consider any futher plastic surgery. Dr. Bharti is very thourough, and wants a fabulous outcome as well as the patient does. I am pleased with my results and recommend him highly. I plan to have him do upper lid blephs when time in my schedule allows.

Dr. Kortesis, I just wanted to write a note to thank you. Your generosity has made me speechless. There are no words to express to you how I feel about your willingness to make my necessary surgeries happen. Without your help, this would not be possible and for that, I am so thankful. You and your staff have welcomed me in, made me feel comfortable and have treated me like family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My life was unbearable; horrible in many ways. I developed puffy nipples when I was about 12 or 13 years old and they never went away. I got teased by the kids in my gym class. It became such an embarrassment that I felt isolated, to a point that I eventually dropped out of high school altogether.  By the time I was 17 years old, this had become a plague on my soul, and my entire way of life. My parents had an outdoor pool and family members would frequently come over for cookouts and a day of swimming. I eventually had to start wearing a shirt in the pool, but it only made people more curious, so gradually I quit swimming altogether. My chest grew with age, so by time I was 19 years old, I couldn’t leave the house; without going through a ritual of trying on every shirt I had. I stopped dating, stopped going out with friends, and had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t go to the beach, which I loved, and I couldn’t take off my shirt and enjoy the sun. I watched all these other normal people easily slide off their shirts in public. I hated myself because I couldn’t. I tried gaining weight, hoping my body would even out, but it only made my chest bigger. My chest grew and grew until I got to a point that I could no longer work around people, because they would always make jokes and hurtful comments. It was a very painful time in my life. My confidence was crushed! I went to many Dr.’s, some were too insensitive, and many didn’t take my problem seriously. Their only answers were to get procedures that would have scarred me badly. I took a chance on Dr. Hunstad (after being referred from another Dr. who said my condition was too severe). After doing some research,  I knew he would be my last and only hope, the next stop would have been a complete removal of both my breasts! I was terrified going to his office for the first time, it was not easy. I was a broken and shy 33 year old man. I told Dr. Hunstad my concerns and he handled me with kid gloves. Never once did him or any of his staff ever humiliate me or cast any judgment. They showed 1000% concern for my well being.Dr. Hunstad told me his goal was to have me on the beach without a shirt. As much as I hoped it would happen, I doubted such a feat was possible. Guess where I’m going this summer, to the beach! I could never express the gratefulness I feel toward him for what he has done for me and my family. I am proud to say that my chest looks not just normal, but better than normal! For the first time in 20 years! If you are suffering from Gynecomastia, I know your pain. I have been in your shoes. Your condition may not be as extreme as mine was, but I will advise you to do whatever you can, and travel as far as you have to, to have this surgery done by the best. You will not regret it! It was more than worth it. PS Dr. Hunstad doesn’t like to brag, but he is the best in his field, do your research, you will discover that too! Thank you and God Bless! 

With much enthusiasm, I recommend Dr. Kortesis and the entire staff at the Hunstad Center. I was treated with respect and care, given all the time I needed to process my thoughts and ask questions regarding the surgical procedure for gynecomastia. This is a very professional and thorough medical site. Dr. Kortesis has a great bed-side manner and uses all his resources to help his patients heal.

Dear Dr. Bharti,

I am writing this letter in bold appreciation for the amazing surgical experience you and your office staff treated me to during my augmentation. I am beyond ecstatic, with my new breast enhancement.

I would like to also specifically mention my nurse (Erin) who provided me with a soothing sense of security in the hours and minutes preceding my surgery. She held my hand and comforted me, displaying great empathy and bedside manner. I know how stressing her job can be, as my mother was an LPN and I am an EMT, but she pushed all of that aside to make sure that I was comfortable.

It is a dream come true for me, to be the woman I am today. I would not have chosen anyone else to do this type of procedure on me. I would say to all of your future patients that they are in very capable and talented hands.

Over all I was treated with decency and respect throughout my whole experience with your office.

Thank You Again,

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Great physician with an excellent bedside manner. One of the best around!!

Dr. Bill Kortesis is a young, excellent surgeon. His work is an art and he applies himself confidently which is necessary to all great surgeons. I recommend him without reserve. He has a wonderful bedside manner and one can tell that it is genuine. I believe him to be a truly fine person as well as a great surgeon. He truly cares about his patient and wants their happiness. I had fine results.

The bedside manner of Dr. Kortesis’ and his staff exceeded my expectations. I drove from Virginia for my surgery and if I had to do it all over, I would. I am also extremely happy with my results. I had breast augmentation and they are totally natural, which is exactly what I asked for.

I can’t express enough how thankful I am to such an excellent surgical team as all of you at the Hunstad Center.  Dr. Hunstad went above and beyond in providing me with the best surgical care, as well as giving me more than enough time for information and questions I had.  I am ever so impressed with my anesthesia experience which was done by Dr. McMullen, who was so detailed in his care.  He listened to my past anesthesia experiences which were not pleasant memories, and told me I could rest easy the night before my surgery knowing that my surgery the next day would be a positive experience.  He said he knew how to help me come out of anesthesia in comfort.  I had no idea that I would be as comfortable as I was when I woke up. I did not wake in a panic, I did not have th anesthesia shivers, and I was not in pain.  With the expertise of Dr, Hunstad and Dr. McMullen I have had the best surgical care and experience that every person always prays for.  My recovery nurses, Melissa, RN and Grace, RN, gave me excellent post op care and I felt very comfortable the entire post op night, getting a lot of rest. The post op skin care that was ordered for me by  Dr. Hunstad was a wonderful and helpful treat that I had no idea I would be getting.  I am so thankful to Dr. Hunstad and Tammy, RN for the O2 facials, which are helpful in the recovery phase. Thank you all so very much for best of care.  I am forever thankful.

Have seen Dr. Hunstad 2x since surgery, and I will see him again tomorrow. I am almost giddy over my boobs, and sooooo glad I went with him! Eerything has gone so smoothly. I have had ZERO pain since I came out of surgery. He told me to expect being uncomfortable but assured gentle pocket dissection; in addition, his technique creates almost no bleeding. Well no discomfort at all. I can move my arms, and could immediately after surgery, just the same as pre-op. Very slight tenderness, but other than that, smooth sailing. Beautiful shape, my breasts are soft from day 1, and already dropping. I honestly could not be happier with Dr. Hunstad. He has remarkable skill. Good luck!!!

Just had my breast augmentation on Tues. with Dr. Hunstad. He’s terrific! I have had nothing but a good expereince with him & staff. I am just 2 days pot-op, but I am pleased. I will see him again on Monday. His anestheisiologist is cream of the crop as well. Highly recommend! His record is pretty stellar. 22 yrs. of breast augmentation and not 1 infection. CC rate for silicone is almost 0. 

I had a TUBA performed LOVE it! I had a mamm last week and the nurse was so impressed – she COULDNT see a scar and said my breast looked amazing.. I was previously 32 A (wishing and thinking i was a B for years) and now 32 D.. amazing! Dr. Hunstad is GREAT at what he does and will let you know what is best for your body type and match your expectations to it.



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