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It’s fascinating, but true: one of the first features a person notices about you is your eyebrows. That being said, what do your eyebrows say about you? Whether they’re arched, straight, bold, or barely visible, your eyebrows are a facial feature that know how to talk.

Luckily, if you’re not currently satisfied with how your eyebrows appear, you have a variety of options at your disposable to give you a new look. From gels, pencils, and other types of makeup, ladies can now choose the size and shape of their eyebrows. But even better, a new and natural option exists, an option that delivers semi-permanent results and gives the illusion of real hairs: microblading.

What Is Microblading?

Simply put, microblading is a technique that involves a technician tattooing eyebrows onto the face with the assistance of a small tool. After all, sometimes, pencil, powder, and pigments just won’t cut it, right?

Now, when most patients hear the word “tattoo,” they get a little nervous. Yet, the process of microblading isn’t as scary as it sounds. For example, microblading isn’t like getting a regular tattoo. Instead, this form of tattoo artistry involves the implantation of pigment under the skin with a manual handheld tool – not a machine. Specifically, hair-like strokes are drawn on with the tool, mimicking natural hairs in the eyebrows.

Further, microblading doesn’t hurt . . . too much. Of course, pain is subjective, so just how painful or uncomfortable the procedure is will vary from individual to individual. Microblading has been compared to being scratched: you’ll feel it, but the feeling isn’t completely unbearable. Often times, brow-numbing cream is applied to lower the level of discomfort.

Preparing for your Microblading Treatment

Before the treatment, it will be necessary to stop drinking and taking certain medications for at least one week, such as aspirin and retinol. Both of these drugs make the skin a little more thin, which can create more bleeding. Avoiding all types of blood thinners one week prior to your microblading appointment is best.

After Your Treatment

Following treatment, you will want to protect your brows by avoiding all types of moistures, sweating profusely, and not washing your face. It’s common to experience itching and redness, but these side effects are only temporary, and can be soothed with Vaseline. Your eyebrows may appear dark at first, but the color will fade. Regardless, there is no down or recovery time needed; you will be able to carry on with your normal schedule and daily activities.

Depending on your skin and lifestyle, microblading results can last up to three years, with only touch-ups needed here and there.

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