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When you consider breast implants, you want to know two things: that your surgery will be safe and that you will look great after. The surgeons at HK are well-known breast surgery experts with many years of training, experience, and over hundreds of breast augmentation surgeries performed. When you come to us, you are not only assured of a successful outcome, but you are treated like family in our state-of-the-art, fully accredited surgical facility. For all of these reasons, breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures we perform.

Now, with Vectra 3D Imaging, you can see how you will look after your surgery and make adjustments beforehand. You can view how different shapes and sizes will look and decide what you prefer. This advanced technology also ensures that your surgeon knows exactly what look you want to achieve.

Breast augmentation may be part of a breast reconstruction procedure, and we often perform a breast lift at the same time as breast augmentation. If you have already had a breast augmentation that did not go well, we can also perform breast augmentation revision surgery.

Rest assured that you will receive the gold standard treatment at HK where all of our anesthesiologists are board-certified and all of our nurses are certified in advanced cardiac life support.

What can breast augmentation do for me?

Besides helping you feel sexier and more self-confident, breast implants can make your body more proportionate and help your clothes fit better.

What can I expect during a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure that takes less than one hour.

We offer all methods of breast enlargement and incision placement, as well as a variety of FDA-approved implant shapes in both silicone and saline. The advanced techniques we employ allow us to create incisions in inconspicuous locations, either in the apex of the armpit, periareolar (an incision under the nipple at the areola where the color changes naturally), inframammary (under the crease of the breast), or the TUBA technique, in which the implants are inserted through an incision inside the navel.

We also provide three options for placement of your implants:

All of these choices can be confusing, but don’t worry. During your consultation at HK, your surgeon will explain all of the options to you so that you can make informed decisions as to the size, shape, placement, and type of FDA-approved implant you want.

How long does it take to recover from breast augmentation?

Most of our patients are able to return to normal activities within a few days. Lifting and vigorous exercise are restricted for a few weeks, however.

We will provide special instructions to help you recover from your surgery as fast as possible. You can expect some tenderness and a feeling of tightness. You may also experience some bruising and swelling, but these conditions should resolve quickly, leaving you with the beautiful breasts you’ve always wanted.

What are the types of breast implants?

What type of breast implant should you choose? You’ve heard about saline and silicone. What are the differences and advantages – as well as disadvantages – of each? And what about “gummy bear” implants?

The best implant for you should be based primarily on your anatomy and how you wish to look after your surgery. Not every type of implant will look great in every body type.

This page will give you some basic guidance about the types of breast implants available today. Then, when you come to us for your consultation and examination, we will give you all the information you need in order to make the right decision for you. Our expertise and experience, coupled with Vectra 3D imaging, which allows you to see the simulation of how you will look with different implants, will help you feel confident about your choice.

Whatever implants you choose, you don’t have to worry about them interfering with mammograms or breast feeding.

Silicone Gel Implants

While silicone implants were removed from the market for a period of time about 20 years ago, data from years of study since then have shown that they are safe. FDA-approved for women aged 22 and over, these implants are filled with silicone gel prior to insertion. This means that their size is predetermined, and they require a longer incision than saline implants.

Silicone implants have a soft, natural feel and are less prone to rippling. They can be placed above the muscle (subglandular) position if that is preferred. A disadvantage of silicone is that you might not be able to detect a ruptured implant. While ruptures are not dangerous, they can affect the shape of the implant and will require revision surgery. Luckily, ruptures are rare.

Saline Implants

The outer shell of saline implants is made of silicone polymer, but the inner filling is a saline solution. One advantage of saline implants is that they require a shorter incision, since the implant is filled with liquid after insertion into the breast. This also allows the surgeon to customize the size of the implants to a more precise degree. Saline implants are FDA-approved for women aged 18 and over.

Another advantage of saline implants is that, in the rare instance of a rupture, you know immediately if they have deflated. A disadvantage of saline is that they are firmer than silicone, and some people think they do not feel as natural. Saline implants are also slightly more prone to rippling.

Gummy Bear Implants (5th Generation)

Gummy bear implants is the term given to the newest generation of cohesive gel implants in the United States, also called “5th generation”. They are filled with a silicone substance that is more like a solid gelatin than a liquid. They are called “cohesive” due to their ability to hold their shape regardless of your body’s position. These 5th generation silicone gel implants come in shaped and rounded (teardrop) implants, manufactured by Sientra. Watch this video showing the texture and consistency of this type of implant.

Sientra’s full portfolio of 5th generation silicone breast implants Sientra breast implants are made with High-Strength Cohesive (HSC) Silicone Gel to ensure implant strength and integrity, while still feeling like a natural party of your body.

Sientra offers both round and shaped (teardrop) implant options. The HSC round implants are the right choice for a fuller appearance and more dramatic cleavage. The HSC+ shaped implants, are designed to create a more contoured, natural silhouette. Each style combines the exclusive HSC Silicone Gel interior with a durable outer shell to create a soft, natural-like feel without sacrificing the integrity of the implant.

Sientra Full_Set 5th generation implants

One shape does not fit all.  That’s why both HSC round and HSC+ shaped implants are available in different shapes and sizes, so you and your HK board certified plastic surgeon can create a look that’s right for you.

See for yourself!  Find out more about Sientra’s silicone gel breast implants!

Breast Implant Brands

At HK, the brands of implants we usually use are Allergan, Mentor, or Sientra. We have had excellent success with these products and believe they are the best available on the market.

Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra all make a wide variety of saline and silicone gel implants, including Sientra’s cohesive gummy bear implants known as 5th generation implants. They come in different shapes and sizes based on height and profile/projection. They also manufacture both textured and smooth implants.

Textured vs. Smooth Implants?

Implant surfaces can be smooth or treated with a finishing process that texturizes the outer shell. It’s important for you to know that your breasts will still feel normal even if you have textured implants. The texture simply helps the implant to adhere better to the surrounding breast tissue.

We have found that textured implants may be less prone to capsular contracture – a condition that occasionally happens over time after breast augmentation. In a capsular contracture, a tight scar develops around the implant, causing the breasts to become too firm and sometimes misshapen. As a result, breast augmentation revision surgery has to be done.

Implants with a smooth surface are less likely to ripple than textured implants. If a patient has little breast tissue, we opt for the smooth implant since rippling would be more of an issue in that case.

Your Body, Your Choice

We always make implant recommendations based on both our many years of experience and you as an individual. We will discuss all options with you so that you can make the most informed choice possible. As our patients can attest, we have a reputation for beautiful results that are also safe and lasting.

A curvy figure is easier and safer to attain than ever. Call us today about breast augmentation in North Carolina.


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