Liposuction Revision

If you have had a liposuction procedure that failed to turn out the way you expected or wanted, come to H/K/B for a liposuction revision. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are premier body contouring specialists who use several methods to correct liposuction irregularities. Some of the liposuction techniques that are now widely used were developed by our founders.

Depending on your situation, we might suggest additional liposuction for thinning, SmartLipo for tightening, and/or fat grafting to fill over-corrected indentations. You should not have to live with issues resulting from a botched liposuction experience. You can have the smooth, symmetrical, and trimmer look that you originally envisioned.

What can liposuction revision do for me?

It can correct problems that occurred from a previous liposuction procedure so that the correct amount of fat has been removed, and the skin is smooth and tight.

What can I expect during liposuction revision?

There are many different liposuction techniques, which vary based on the instruments used to remove the fat. Inconspicuous areas are chosen for a small incision – less than one quarter of an inch – and anesthetic fluid containing large volumes of diluted lidocaine and adrenaline are injected using the H/K/B founders’ revolutionary tumescent technique. This fluid also minimizes bleeding.

In denser areas, ultrasonic-assisted liposuction may be used. In this case, a solid titanium cannula is inserted into the incisions and used to emulsify the fat using ultrasonic energy. The liquefied fat is then removed using power-assisted liposuction techniques.

If very small areas are being corrected, a syringe liposuction technique might be used. In this minimally invasive technique, the surgeon inserts a syringe with a tube, and when the syringe is withdrawn, a suction is created that causes the fat cells to be withdrawn at the same time. Healing from this technique is generally fast, and blood loss is minimal.

SmartLipo, which incorporates laser technology, might be used to tighten loose skin and fine-tune the body contouring results.

If too much fat was removed in your first procedure, causing indentations, we might re-inject some of the removed fat in order to fill the indentation and smooth the area. This fat grafting technique provides a long-lasting result.

How long does it take to recover from liposuction revision?

Since liposuction revision techniques can vary greatly, your recovery period could be shorter than a week or up to two weeks. In the event that a considerable amount of fat had to be removed in order to correct your original liposuction, drains may have to be placed in the incisions for a few days to capture fluids.

Like your original liposuction procedure, you can expect some bruising, inflammation, and soreness after liposuction revision, but you can take pain medication to ease the discomfort. We will monitor your progress carefully in follow-up examinations to make sure you are healing properly and that you are happy with how you look.

How long does liposuction revision last?

The results of your liposuction revision are long lasting.

You cannot ask for more experienced surgeons than those at H/K/B. In their hands, liposuction revision is a very safe and exciting procedure that can provide you with the look you wanted.


Check out our Before and After Photo Gallery for real Liposuction Revision results at H/K/B.

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