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Buttock Lifts & Enhancements

Before & After Gallery

Be sure to view our Before and After Photo Gallery of body procedures to see real patient results at Hunstad Kortesis.

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Buttocks lift is an exciting procedure that can give fantastic lifting of the buttocks and lateral thighs. Laxity of the skin of the buttocks and outer thighs are corrected as well with this procedure. As can be seen in the marking pictures below, a tremendous amount of skin is removed during this procedure. This allows for the buttocks to be lifted and laxity eliminated. Although there is tremendous tension across the incision line with this procedure, the final scar is closed with a delicate dissolving sutures that leave the finest scar. Because the skin is so tight following this procedure, sitting must be performed very cautiously for the first few weeks following the procedure. The results with this procedure can be very gratifying for Hunstad Kortesis patients who are frustrated with the droop and sagging of their buttocks and thighs.

Autologous Buttocks Augmentation

This procedure can be performed alongside a buttock lift to create an augmented appearance. This procedure is particularly helpful with patients who lack volume in the buttock padding or where the majority of their buttock volume lies within the excess skin and tissue to be removed. We offer two types of this augmentation: the autologous flap and the pursestring gluteoplasty.

With the autologous flap, the buttock padding is lifted to a more youthful position and is sutured into place. The pursestring gluteoplasty, developed by Dr. Hunstad, is a buttock-enhancing procedure. A suture is placed around the circumference of each buttock pad and is tightened to give more projection to the buttock. The result with both of these procedures is a lifted, more natural and youthful contour. The method that is right for you is determined during your consultation.

Brazilian Butt Lift

This procedure involves two steps. First, fat is suctioned from a donor site (usually the abdomen). Then, it is injected into the buttocks using the syringe technique. There are a few benefits to this procedure. First, since it is your own tissue being used, there are no issues with rejection. Second, it allows you to get the fuller buttock you want while shrinking another less desirable area. And lastly, there are no lengthy incisions with this procedure.