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Hunstad Kortesis board certified plastic surgeons are industry educators for all types of implants including shaped and round. They have educated many industry surgeons world-wide in learning the newest techniques to preform breast augmentation surgery by hosting learning at the practice. Our surgeons travel to national and international breast symposium conferences as well to maintain their clinical excellence within the industry.

The HK surgeons have also supported written book chapters about breast augmentation and the technical components involved in this procedure. They have pioneered surgical methods which allow them to perform surgery for breast augmentation and mastopexy (breast lift) simultaneously.

When looking for a board certified plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation surgery look for a surgeon that has a tremendous experience in the field not only performing the surgery, but educating others on it as well. Also ask the practice how many procedures that surgeon has performed in a year for a breast augmentation surgery.

Photos on this page depict ACTUAL PATIENTS.

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