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In autologous fat transfer, the clinical goal is to harvest the fat in a manner that is gentle and less traumatic for the fat tissue and the surrounding donor site tissues. That goal has now been achieved with HydraSolve®. Instead of cutting and shearing, HydraSolve® liquefies fat tissue but in a manner that retains the utility of the fat cells for grafting.

HydraSolve® selectively liquefies only the fat tissue and does not liquefy non-target tissues such as blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. This mechanism should significantly reduce your post-op pain, swelling and bruising in the donor site tissues.

HydraSolve’s Gentle, Selective “Tissue Liquefaction Technology”

HydraSolve®  utilizes “Tissue Liquefaction Technology” to selectively liquefy the fat tissue by adding low levels of heat and pressure to natural saline. It changes the fat from a solid to a liquid; it does that so the liquefied fat can then be easily suctioned out of the body through a narrow diameter cannula inserted via a tiny incision.

HydraSolve® is based on an innovation in Ophthalmology that has successfully and gently removed tens of thousands of cataracts in delicate eye surgeries in over 50 countries.

HydraSolve is designed to selectively harvest fat and contour the body by removing localized deposits of fat. The results of HydraSolve are usually long-lasting, but they may be affected by weight gain, aging, pregnancy and other lifestyle factors.  Results of this procedure will vary depending upon patient age, surgical site, and experience of the physician.

Frequently Asked Questions of Hydrasolve

  1. What is the HydraSolve®?
    HydraSolve® is an FDA-cleared medical device for fat harvesting and body contouring that selectively removes targeted fat tissue without damaging fat cells and vital non-targeted tissues; such as blood vessels, nerves or connective tissues.
  2. What makes the HydraSolve®?
    HydraSolve® is a non-cutting device, based on our patented Tissue Liquefaction Technology (TLT). TLT is the same scientific principle that was used in a new surgical device launched in 2003 for the precision removal of cataracts in the eye. During a HydraSolve® procedure, small incisions are made in the skin to allow access of the cannula (hollow metal surgical instrument) to the fat tissue, but the system is not designed to cut the fat for removal.
  3. What is Tissue Liquefaction Technology (TLT)?
    TLT is a new energy source for medical or surgical use. It is based on a combination of relatively low temperature and relatively low pressure applied in a carefully titrated range to natural saline solution. This warmed, low-pressurized saline stream is contained in the cannula (hollow metal surgical tube) to selectively liquefy fat without damaging non-targeted tissues.
  4. How does HydraSolve® not cut tissue?
    The pressure of the saline stream is too low to cut target or non-target tissue, and the HydraSolve® cannula has aperture edges (opening of the cannula) that are purposefully rounded and dulled; so they cannot cut tissue. This is very different from a traditional liposuction cannula that has sharpened edges that act like surgical blades when the cannula is moved forwards and backwards in a forceful thrusting manner. Because HydraSolve® is selectively liquefying fat inside the cannula, forceful thrusting of the cannula is no longer required, so the surgeon can move the HydraSolve® cannula in a slow and methodical manner to target specific fat deposits for your desired aesthetic result.  As a result, your surgeon now can use a less aggressive technique which results in significantly less tissue trauma and a fast recovery.
  5. What areas of the body can be treated with the HydraSolve®?
    HydraSolve®has been used in all areas of the body for selective fat harvesting and body contouring.
  6. Can HydraSolve® be used for revision liposuction to correct irregularities?
    Yes, HydraSolve® has been used to correct the contour irregularities of traditional liposuction procedures.
  7. Can patients with serious medical disorders get a HydraSolve® treatment?
    Your doctor would need to be consulted to make that decision. Since liposuction is for aesthetic body contouring, patients with serious medical disorders are usually not offered this treatment.
  8. Can HydraSolve® be used as a weight-loss or obesity treatment?
    No, HydraSolve® is cleared by the FDA for autologous fat transfer and for aesthetic body contouring and is not recommended as a treatment of obesity.
  9. Does the fat come back after it is removed in a HydraSolve® procedure?
    Each body has a fixed number of fat cells. When you gain weight, each fat cell simply expands like a balloon, when you lose weight you have the same number of fat cells…it is just like letting the air out of a balloon…the fat cells get smaller. When fat is harvested from one area, you can have an increase in non-treated areas if you gain weight.
  10. Could the fat that is removed be placed somewhere else?
    This refers to Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT), which means that a patient’s own excess fat is harvested from an undesired area and re-injected in that same patient in an area that is deficient of fat, such as lips, breasts, face, buttocks, etc. This is becoming an important emerging procedure in cosmetic surgery, please consult your surgeon to learn how this procedure may apply to your needs.
  11. Can a HydraSolve® procedure be conducted under local anesthesia?
    Yes, HydraSolve® can be conducted with either local anesthesia or general, depending on the surgeon’s preference and on your clinical needs.  However, most cases are performed under general anesthesia.
  12. What should I expect in terms of recovery from a HydraSolve® procedure?
    HydraSolve® is designed to cause minimal bruising or pain, because it minimizes damage to surrounding blood vessels, nerves or connective tissues. The unique rounded apertures on the cannula and the non-thrusting movement of the cannula account for the atraumatic nature of the HydraSolve® experience. For most patients, you can return to work in a few days, and you should be able to return to normal physical activities within 2 weeks. Peak aesthetic benefit should occur within 1-3 months.

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