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Statistics show that 20% to 35% of babies are born with ear deformities. While there are many reasons why infants develop congenital ear defects, deformed ears are often left untreated. Not all parents are willing to put their baby through surgery to correct infant ear deformities.

Otoplasty, a surgical procedure to correct ear deformities, is typically performed before the child starts school (around five years old) to prevent social teasing. While otoplasty is offered at H/K/B, a new treatment has been developed that promises a pain-free, surgery-free solution to infant ear deformities—the EarWell™ Ear Correction System.

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Be sure to view our Before and After Photo Gallery of Ear Well procedures to see real patient results at H/K/B.

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What is EarWell™?

EarWell™ Infant Ear Correction System is a noninvasive treatment that corrects over 90% of all types of infant ear deformities. The system offers hope to thousands of infants suffering from mild to severe ear deformities.

The system is comprised of four separate components: a posterior shell and posterior component, helical rim retractors, conchal former, and the anterior shell.

The posterior shell is designed to cradle the infant’s ear. The shell will stick to the skin behind the ear. The retractor will gently shape the rim of the ears, while the conchal former shapes the center of the ear. The anterior shell will hold all the components together on an infant’s ear.

Once affixed to an infant’s ear (within the first month of childbirth), the four components of EarWell™ gently reshape the cartilage of the deformed ear to the desired normal curvature, this typically takes about a month depending on the severity of the ear deformity.

Facts About Ear Deformities

Why should your baby have EarWell™?

EarWell™ Infant Ear Correction System is an innovative treatment that corrects ear deformities in infants. If your baby is suffering from ear defects of any kind, you should consider this treatment because:

It’s Virtually Painless: EarWell™ is the best solution for infant ear defects, as it requires no needles, knives, surgery, or pain! It is just a “shell” that is applied to the ear.

It’s Fast: The components of the EarWell™ ear correction system are easy to assemble. The treatment is completed in your board certified plastic surgeon’s office within minutes. After 4 to 6 weeks of using EarWell™, your baby’s ears will develop a normal shape.

It’s Affordable: Compared to surgery, EarWell™ ear correction system is more affordable. The average cost of an otoplasty is between $2,500 and $4,500. EarWell™ is usually covered by most insurances, eliminating most out-of-pocket expense, this should be confirmed with your insurance provider beforehand.

It’s Effective: Clinical trials show that the system corrects congenital ear defects effectively when applied within the first three weeks of a child’s life. Slightly older infants may still see successful results, too. According to scientists, the system can correct mild to severe ear deformities in babies.

How long does it take to see results from EarWell™?

It only takes about a month or so to reshape an infant’s ears. However, each case is unique, so the time it takes for the cast to remain on the patient’s ears will vary accordingly.

The system is used to correct Stahl’s ear, cup ear, lop ear, lidding, helical compression, prominent ear and conchal crus.

How long do the effects of EarWell™ last?

The effects of EarWell™ are long lasting. Once the baby has completed the treatment, there is no need to use EarWell™ again in the future.

Check out real results of the EarWell™ Infant Ear Correction System in our photo gallery.

H/K/B is a certified state-of-the-art facility that provides professional care to achieve exceptional results. If you have questions about the EarWell™ system or you want to learn more about safe, effective, and noninvasive treatment for congenital ear deformities, call us today or book an initial consultation.

Check out our Before and After Photo Gallery for real Ear Wells results at H/K/B.

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